Cage the Elephant – Trouble

He is more scared to see what it’s like to lose me than he is to realise what it takes to keep me.

“Got so much to lose. Got so much to prove. God don’t let me lose my mind.”
It’s been too many hours, man. Too many hours of trying, fighting, loving and crying in to and away from each other.
“My sweet love won’t you pull me through.”

I am even bored of writing about it. Trying to articulate what I want, what is wrong, what’s right and write it down before I forget I came to a conclusion. Written reminders of who was right.

This song has a sort of Beatles/sinister feel to it whilst still being whimsical. It reminds me of the time in the fight you throw your hands up as nothing can be much worse than this. But there is still something that you cannot leave. A dirty sort of love. A love you remember when you couldn’t get enough of each other and our teeth hit through our kisses, our faces pressed intently against one another.

I can’t be in this fight. I am really useless in fights. I am more useless if I actually like you. I am worse when it is love. I recognise that I am a good portion of the blame here. I realise I buckle up. I miss you even though you are still standing in front of me. I am angry at you and still don’t want to move. Move way from you. I’ll move either way. We don’t have a choice. I just keep my mouth shut long enough for you to say something cruel and quick that I can soak in, justify again what we are going to do is right.

There is nothing like love. Like the hard way. It is more addictive than anything on earth. We fight for it. We fight against it. We do things we thought we couldn’t. We thought we wouldn’t. Still somehow at the end of the day and this song, still reaching for each others hands although it is no longer certain who is pulling who down and who will bring the other up.

“My sweet love won’t you pull me through? Everywhere I look I get a glimpse of you.”