Great American Canyon Band – Crash

What is it that you seek in someone you want to be with?

A conversation led to this as a friend said she missed that “heart racing, butterflies in your stomach” moment when you start to fall for, chase that feeling for someone. They loved the clouded mind, reacting like an addict to the other, craving the time together like the heroin they seemed to be.

The other said they wanted something else. It is the love when you realise you can finally relax. You can sit in the moment and then realise it has been years since you have taken your eyes off each other. Heart beat calm, mind cleared.

The duo behind this song is a couple that transcends music together. Sounding more like the latter love mentioned. The perfect sound for summer and one that evokes feelings of rolling around with your person. The pair have a beautiful story that resonates through their music. They travelled the US with a story that is remniscent of those of the Beats poets from hotels to Grandma’s basement and then back. Finding a salvation in each other and the exhale of that union breathing through their music. The song sounds like that, an exhale. Like the relief you feel in that love.

The gentle guitar slides effortlessly in the song and then you can hear it embrace the lyrics the more times you listen to this song. Like an addict, I have come back to this track over and over.

How do you want to crash into another? Is it slowly sinking together or a rush to your veins? Either way, this song will fill your body with an etherial high.

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