Rain Man – Bring Back The Summer (INSTRUM Remix)

Summer used to mean a lot of things to me.  I used to call it “freedom”, freedom from school, freedom from the long Winter, freedom to let loose, but now I realize that I am more free than I have ever been in my entire life.  I have a baby, I am single, working, so wouldn’t that mean I feel trapped, that all my freedom has disappeared, that my entire life revolves around her?  Yes, my entire life does in fact revolve around her, but her life is so innocent, so new, and so free.  I get to start over with my little angel, I sort of feel reborn in a sense, the way we feel the moment Summer starts, like we have a new beginning with endless possibilities, we feel like children, no one can judge us, we peel off the layers and we are as naked as we were the moment we entered this world.  That’s what Summer is to me, that’s what having a child is, it’s freedom, it’s adventure, it’s endless possibilities that you both get to create together without anyone else telling you how to do it.

I think it’s time to start peeling off those layers if you haven’t started to already, prepare for the Summer, for what freedom means to you and the endless possibilities within it’s meaning.

INSTRUM has done a beautiful job of giving me the energy in this track to peel off my layers and let the cold months melt away with ease. INSTRUM has made a name for himself with his tropical deep house tunes, but for his latest remix he decided to switch it up completely. Drawing influence from artists such as NGHTMRE and Vanic, INSTRUM has gone the future bass realm with this new remix of Rain Man’s “Bring Back The Summer”.

I’ve got some adventures to start planning with my babe so press play and I’ll catch you all later.

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