Midoca – Everything I Need

Growing up, my brother and I used to laugh hysterically every time our dad started to get choked up watching a movie. He’d start popping and snorting, trying to hold back the tears, pretending he wasn’t getting emotional and my bro and I would lose it. Mostly because the scenes seemed completely innocuous, and our little feeble minds couldn’t understand what the hell was “so sad” about said scene.

Well, now I know I’m getting old, because I get choked up probably 2-4 times per day. Mostly from various forms of art that are just plain dope, there’s really no other reason. I guess at this point my mind is able to tune into the frequency of “dopeness” that certain art has, and once it does, it’s all goosebumps and tear ducts from there. It could be a moment of a TV show, a photo that strikes a nerve, a song that resonates, a movie that “gets it,” or even a special moment in sports. The other night I was watching an ESPN documentary about the heartbreak that Cleveland sports fans have suffered through the years, and mind you I don’t give a shit about the Cavs, Browns or the Indians, but once Marty Schottenheimer broke down trying to defend Ernest Byner as a good person even though he fumbled away a chance at the Super Bowl, it was all goosebumps and tear ducts. This cry-baby trend seems to have no boundaries.

“Everything I Need” reduced me to a salty mess pretty swiftly. Even more than the relatable lyrics of pain and frustration is the unbridled emotion that Midoca brings to this track. He sounds helpless, yet firm in his declarations, reminding us that even though shit isn’t the way it’s supposed to be for him, he’s still got “everything he needs.” The melodies strike all the right pangs of sadness and desperation, and the self-produced track twists and turns along with Midoca as he comes to terms with what’s going on. He drags the listener along, forcing them to come to terms with the song too. The fact that this is his first time singing on one of his tracks makes it all the more impressive. I was throughly moved by this one.

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