B-Sides – Killers On The Loose (Feat. Nevve)

As if Nevve’s debut appearance on VOKES “Backroad” didn’t have enough gorgeous vocal goodness, the faceless enigma has returned with an absolute smash called “Killers on the Loose.” It features production from a major talent in B-Sides, and when combined with Nevve’s performance, it’s become impossible to stop listening to this song; to be real, the massive chorus is more infectious than the waters at this year’s Olympics while inspiring many thoughts.

While the title of the song may sound a bit grim considering the startling amount of “killers on the loose” on the news these days, the beauty of the soundscape along with Nevve’s angelic voice gives the concept a whole different feel. In a time where the world seems like it’s fucked up beyond repair, inspiring people to recognize the carefree, kind, and compassionate feelings inside them that can sometimes lie dormant is the best thing someone can do for someone else.

“Oneness” is a vague concept that people don’t give too much thought, but just think about what would happen if we were all inspired enough to realize that we are all truly the same being. The same energy. The same thoughts. If all of humanity could somehow set their guards and their egos aside, and realize that we’re all the exact same minds with the exact same emotions and feelings, wouldn’t things change drastically? If you cut up a piece of paper into 100 little pieces of paper, it’s pretty clear that all of the pieces are the same. Literally cut from the same cloth. So one piece is obviously no better than another piece. It can’t be because it’s cut from the same piece of paper. What if then someone grabbed some of the pieces and colored them in. Some red, some blue, some black, some green. Now they’re different. But you know where the pieces came from, so their colors don’t matter, you know they’re all the same. But if you took someone else and showed them the pieces of paper, all in different colors, and then told them over and over again that certain colors are better than others, they’d begin to believe you wouldn’t they?

Humanity is just so separated from our origins that all we can see are our differences. But what if we were able to remember we’re all just pieces of paper cut from the same bigger piece? I don’t think there would be any more “killers on the loose,” much less many other issues of our day. This beautiful song is a smooth step in the right direction.

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