Benjamin Earl Turner – Humble Pi (Prod. by Who Is This Guy)

Damn I don’t know why I just got to this.  Haven’t really been on top of looking through our submissions, it would take me pages and pages to explain Mom and work life to you if you don’t already know what that 24/7 life is.

I really like this dude Benjamin, his vibe, the comedy in his lyrics, the natural improvisation that you hear throughout the track, it’s all very organic and natural the way it flows and I am all about that ORGANIC life these days, don’t give me anything that is fucking processed.

Benjamin seeks to establish himself as a master wordsmith and lyricist within the Hip-Hop genre, as well as expand the current reaches of the musical style. By exploring storytelling, soul music, spoken word influence, lullaby, post-rock instrumentation, electronic alternative, gospel, the capabilities of a loop pedal and ukulele, classic and modern jazz, blues lyric, contemporary funk, folk harmonies, movie scores, as well as studying foreign forms of music and whatever else he can find, Benjamin is seeking to hone in on a new sound.’

I am a sucker for some good Hip-Hop, especially if it doesn’t sound like all the rest, everything just blends together these days where you are like, wait, didn’t I just listen to that? Naw homie, not this track, I’ve been vibin’ to this all morning as my little babe sleeps soundly, probably vibin’ to some hip-hop in her dreams, (insert laughing cry face emoji)..

If you want to hear more from Benjamin Earl Turner, and you should, click here.  I have so much to do, getting some freedom tonight to go out and let my hair down, lookin’ all sexy and fly, ya that’s right I am totally feelin’ myself these days.  Only good vibes, sexy strides, all eyes on me!  Thanks to this track this morning, that line resonates hard.

Happy Saturday my EMPT loves.

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