Little Ashes – Find The Lost

I’m huge on percussion, so naturally I’m not too into songs without drums. Sure, I understand the concept and reasons, but no drums is as much of a deal breaker for me as girls with ugly hands and feet. So, as “Find The Lost” reached the 1 minute mark without a trace of percussion I started to get worried. To keep it moving drum-free, your voice and lyrics better be top notch, and thankfully Little Ashes keeps our attention with fantastic songwriting. And when the drums finally drop a minute 20 in, it’s extremely satisfying. And then when they drop AGAIN 2 minutes in, it’s a true cathartic release. The build-up and anticipation are executed flawlessly here, and the pay-off is wonderful.

Setting off on a journey to rediscover yourself now has the perfect soundtrack in “Find The Lost.” We all could use a reminder about who we used to be when we were young and pure at heart. As we grow into more evolved versions of ourselves, we can’t lose touch with that pure essence which doesn’t know how to judge, be jealous, feel lack or dread upcoming events. We gotta find that balance, and that’s the adventure we’ve all embarked on, like it or not. The song is an adventure and journey in and of itself, somehow all in under 3 minutes. It almost feels too short, but I love songs that demand you to play them again, and that’s exactly what Little Ashes accomplishes here. An absolute gem of a song, and has given me a slight bit more appreciation for musical moments sans drums.

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