Leon – Dance (Oliver Remix)

Listening to this Oliver remix of Leon’s “Dance” feels like biting into a burger from Shake Shack. Just ridiculous amounts of flavor coming from every direction. This track just oozes class, it feels like sophisticated dance music. None of that bang your head, shake your tits or twerk it up party business here – this is that high class, smooth strutting, big boy, $25 shots of whiskey music. The kind of vibe where you don’t give a sh*t about what’s going on around you, because what’s going IS you, dammit!

Other than the coincidental silliness of two quirky male first names working together (I’m highly anticipating the new Steve remix of Jim), this song is pure perfection. It’s the soundtrack to that moment when you’re by yourself at the club, having just arrived before your friends. You go ahead and buy yourself a drink and find a little perch in which to view the surroundings. Head bobbing, confidence through the roof, fueled by sips (gulps) of whiskey and unfettered excitement about limitless potential of the night ahead. Those moments are even better than the actual night sometimes. Enjoy the weekend and all the moments “in between.”

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