Jacob Banks – Monster 2.0

Jacob Banks honest and earnest lyrics ring so true here, for everyone. We all have a “monster” we’re hiding, that “other” side of us that we keep wrapped up for safe keeping. Most often that monster is packed to the gills with emotions that don’t serve us. You know, the ole stand-by’s like fear, jealously, revenge, hatred, vengeance, etc. So often it feels like situations call for these emotions, and usually we can’t control them when they fly out of us. We lash out, and then apologize. Rinse and repeat.

But at some point we all realize that we actually are in complete control here. It’s so easy to brush off the simple concept, but you really can choose your experience, any time. Because really, the experience isn’t the thing or event that’s happening, it’s our REACTION to the thing or event that IS the experience. In that sense, you don’t have to let the monster out, ever. How invincible would you be if you were able to instantly process any event and understand it’s short term and long term meaning? Well, you can. You can ALWAYS be the “bigger person.” That’s really what the choice boils down to – will you be the bigger person, or will you put on the monster costume, and end up having to apologize, again.

Jacob’s honesty here makes him the bigger person. Honesty always wins. It also doesn’t hurt that he deftly mixes R&B, soul, blues and even a gospel vibe, while bringing in trap-style drums/bass for the pre-chorus. The whole thing works really well, and reminds us all how innovative indie music can be. Here’s one instance where letting the monster out was a positive thing.

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