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Alexx Mack – Whatever I Want (BRADLEY ALLAN REMIX)

I keep having these vivid dreams. He is always tall, very strong, not just in physic, but his voice and touch.  He treats me like a queen and normally when I have dreams like this I push away but lately I am more confident in what I want, so now in these dreams I welcome this tall stranger, whom I seem to know very well in my dreams.  You are probably already thinking really erotic thoughts before I have gone any further into this and yes some of these dreams are sexual but they are much more than that.  This isn’t porn this is true love, the way this person adores me in these dreams is something I haven’t experienced in a very long time, sadly.  I have always been one to love very passionately, but I guess you could say I spent my 20’s getting the short end of the stick in the love department, I was taken for granted, you live and you learn.  I have spent almost the last 2 years pushed away from love or even wanting it, focusing everything I have on my daughter, the truest love I have ever known, my work and of course family.  I can only assume that these recent reoccurring dreams mean that maybe I am ready for love, a partner in crime, someone to share my craving for adventure and to be a father figure and a man my little bear can look up too.  Thankfully there is no desperation in my loins, desperation leads to disappointment, but every now and then dreams do come true and a girl can dream can’t she…wink wink!

This track would probably be on the soundtrack to my dreams of my strange but beautiful new love affair, I really like the original, but if you know me then you know I am a sucker for a good remix which Bradley Allan does so well.  Back in the day on EMPT I posted a lot of Marina & The Diamonds tracks and this reminds me in production and lyrics.  Great sound, feels good and all I want these days are things that feel oh so good.  Press play and enjoy my loves!


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