Emma Gatsby – 2 Steps (White Cliffs Remix)

More sonic wizardry from White Cliffs, who manages to turn Emma Gatsby’s slice of pop goodness into a swampy, syrupy slow-burner. The odd pairing actually brings out the best in both artists, as Emma’s tales of outsmarting her cheating boyfriend sound edgier and more dangerous with White Cliffs’ haunting backdrop. And WC’s production sounds as smooth as ever, and combined with Emma’s voice it gives the whole track a special feeling of highly curated sophistication.

The only unsettling part is young Emma’s wicked and sly view of relationships. She sounds like a mafia boss the way she tracks down her boyfriend and then preempts his cheating with some cheating of her own. 2 steps ahead indeed. If this is how young girls are thinking these days, i’m just glad I’m a little older and out of the dating scene. Most guys are too hasty and sloppy to think even .05 steps ahead, so if Emma is any indication of the future of girls/dating, then most guys are in for a rude awakening. I wish you luck, young gents.

What’s exciting about Emma is that if she attacks her music and the industry the way she attacks her boyfriends cheating, she’ll claw her way up the ladder in no time. It’s exciting and refreshing to see a young girl in music who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. We’re all excited to hear what she has coming next, and we’re also all going to stay faaaar out of her way while she struts down the path. Go get em girl!

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