NoMBe – Wait

Let’s make it last forever ‘cause the night’s still young.”

There’s an image here. It’s the one of carefree young people skinny-dipping. They’re riding around in a convertible now, their hair blowing in the wind, next they’re jumping boldly over the caution tape. Like in that movie.

This kind of euphoric reverie is what NoMBe conjures expertly. Since Change of Hearts and California Girls (sans remix) he’s been able to momentarily snatch me up from reality and carry me into a steady hip-swaying daze. Wait’s waves build subtly and crash sleepily under its soothing soundscape.

As long as we’re together, this moment lasts forever”

Remember that scene where Emma Watson stands up in the back of a pick-up truck while her friends drive, with her arms spread open much like Jesus Christ? She doesn’t have a care in the world and is willing to risk being decapitated by the tunnel’s unenthused cement for that one free, ecstatic moment. Of course, she saves her head by the purest power known to man: youthful radiance.

Remember that time that young man was decapitated subway surfing last month?

Often, art offers illusion. It doesn’t show the safety cables attached to Watson and it doesn’t sing about the consequences that come with letting yourself get swept up in fantasy. I’m wary of a scene or a song that tells me I’ll live forever. It’s a shiny premise that makes some young people desperate to prove their youth matches that of the electric night – the one that urges a dive into the glittery mystique darkness provides.

The deception in this paradigm is that we are like the night. But unlike us, the night will always be reborn once it dies at sunrise.

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