Geordie Kieffer – Red Line

It’s incredibly tough to create a “must watch” music video in 2017. Everyone is too busy, there’s too many distractions, oh, and people’s attention spans are now equivalent to that of a goldfish. I’m not kidding, I recently read a study that said thanks to smart phones/tablets/etc, people are becoming addicted to constant stimulus. Actual addiction. And the result of this growing addiction is that the average human being attention span has dropped to all of 8 seconds. Same as a goldfish. SAME AS A FU*%ING GOLDFISH, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! But that’s another topic for another day, for now let’s give Geordie Kieffer our undivided attention, because this lunatic just created a song and video that I can’t stop watching/listening to.

Aside from this wild, hilarious, creepy, haunting and utterly compelling video, what I love most about “Red Line” is the theme of pushing things to the limit. Granted, exercising this concept via hard drugs may not be the best move, but pushing things as far as they can go is what usually creates the best art, the best cultures, and often initiates neccessary change. When you push and push hard, you’re communicating with your true self, the infinite awareness that animates our human bodies. You’re giving data and information to the universe and yourself with all of the things you learn while pushing to the limit. The biggest and best things in this world don’t just accidentally happen. They’re the result of consistent, focused thinking and meticulous execution. Pushing, and pushing hard. Sometimes this push results in exactly what you want, and everyone wins. Sometimes the push gives you back data that basically says “You made a big boo boo, now you know this was dumb, try something else.” That result is as good as a success, if you’re thinking about the big picture. You gotta learn everything about yourself and the world and the only way you’re going to do so is by taking things to the “red line.”

As for Geordie, let’s hope he makes it to the next single, because he is one of the most interest artists we’ve come across in a long time. There’s truly a little bit of everything in this song, and then when you watch the video you see that he carries himself like a true star. Confidence like that usually results in some damn good art. Our eyes and ears are open for what’s next, but for now we’re gonna indulge our puny goldfish brains in this video a few more times.

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