Jeffrey James – Hand Grenade

With the current political climate in the US, no doubt there’s a lot of people that would echo Jeffrey James’ same sentiment:

“Take me to your leader, bring a hand grenade to meet him.”

We live in a country where half of the population hates you for whatever you believe, at any given time. Truly, we’re so divided that you can immediately assume that about 50% of Americans will vehemently disagree with anything you believe in, whatever it may be. I would imagine about half of this country would like to take a hand grenade to our current president. But the other half would have taken a hand grenade to our last president. And the president before that was when all this madness started. Obviously there have been hot button topics dividing our leaders and government for decades if not centuries, but the palpable division of this country seems like it started with the events surrounding Bush Jr. “winning” the election in 2000. Post 9/11 is when religion and politics became so intertwined, and now you can’t even express a political belief without offending someone else’s faith. It’s all so twisted, and as a result everyone is on edge, ready to scream at the next person for daring to think differently than them. And thanks to the mass availability of information, ANYONE can find a hundred articles that support their position in seconds. So not only does everyone have a strong opinion, but they all think they’re 100% right and have the facts to back it up.

I used to think road rage was such a thing because people could scream out extremely aggressive words and threats, all under the protection of their little car bubble. But now it’s like everyone has road rage all the time, whether behind the wheel or standing in line at the 7-11. Everyone is a small disagreement away from exploding, all because the concept of unity is long gone. Unifying the country will be the rallying cry of every leader we have from now until……..we’re unified? But that’s what defines America now – division. Another civil war doesn’t even feel that far-fetched.

Any long-winded cry for the need to remember that “we’re all one” only resonates with a fraction of the population, no matter how true it may be. But it only takes minimal self-reflection to realize that the essence that animates our human bodies isn’t our name/job/birthplace, but something more wise, aware, knowing, etc. The “god” in us, the “soul,” whatever anyone wants to call it – it’s clear we’re all made of the same essence, the same molecules, and have the same potential to unlock the mysteries of life and experience success in whatever we choose to do. People just need to look past the distractions and stresses of the day, and realize that we’re simply a sliver of this infinite awareness, having an experience as “name/job/birthplace.” We’re not those things, we’re just experiencing them. So, our little task is simply to get every person in American to remember that, and then the rest of the 6 billion people in this world. Let’s get started!?

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