XYLØ – Get Closer (SHADES Remix)

This track reminds of how you know a person one way then you “get closer” and you realize they aren’t that person you thought you knew, or maybe you were better off only knowing that person in a certain way, like friendship versus love, sometimes the friendship was what you should have stayed with, love was too dangerous.  Sometimes it’s better not to get to close, but fuck, you live and you learn.  Maybe you miss that person you knew before you got as close as you did, too deep where you found yourself drowning, maybe friendship was where it needed to stay.  It’s like when your at a resort or some beach and they have those ropes that tell you that you can’t swim past a certain point, but some of us like to see what’s on the other side of the caution signs, I think too many of us are like that, because how would you learn if you listened to all of the warning signs right?  These days I am choosing to be way more cautious of my decisions especially when it comes to people, some might say I have become a little too cautious but that comes from being hurt and lied to for so many years, you tend to put a guard up. I guess a good lesson is to not necessarily listen to the caution signs, but if you are having fun inside of those signs then maybe that’s all you need, don’t force what could be too dangerous.

You wanna live just like Kings and Queens then, you better step back and look at yourself baby.”

I’m really diggin’ this beat and the vocals, it’s not too intense but just the right feel to glide me into the weekend with some good dance vibes and bass, a must listen on a good stereo system.  Tomorrow is Friday, WTF right?! xx

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