KREAM – Taped Up Heart Ft. Clara Mae

When you haven’t had any affection in two years, your sheets really do become your best friend, you almost start to forget about what affection feels like and for some you don’t really need it anymore.  Sometimes love is too exhausting, and I think for myself personally I have needed a break, it’s been quite freeing. I think most become single and they go out and test the waters so to speak over and over again, I am just different I guess, it’s sometimes even a little bizarre to me, maybe I got a bit traumatized the last few years being told I love you, I want you, then the next minute being told I don’t matter, go the fuck away, then I love you all over again and so on and so on.  Human beings and dogs really do have similarities in that those of us who have loyalty in our blood keep allowing the same people to hurt us over and over, but at a certain point the loyal ones will break and will have had enough.  I think I am just treading very lightly, I have all the love I need from my baby girl, it’s a love that cannot say fuck you I am done, it’s the kind of love we all need in order to see what love and loyalty truly is, that’s why right now I am content with being alone so to speak, it’s an amazing feeling to be secure in being alone.

We all need a good “fuck it” song, “I got this, I won’t take shit,” song.  This track does that for me today, and don’t get me wrong, I love LOVE, I love seeing people in love and I know that it exists because I have seen it with my own eyes.  It comes in all different forms and it doesn’t all suck and end in turmoil, so there you go, Miss Optimistic over here.  Sappy enough for ya, ok good now press play and enjoy the rest of your Tuesday darlings. xx

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