Checo – Superpowers

Somehow each season always creeps up on me, even though the same thing happens four times a year, every year. Couldn’t be much more clockwork than that, yet I’m always surprised when the weather changes a little and the nights get a little longer or shorter. I often feel like I don’t realize it’s a new season until I hear a song that ushers in the change. There always seems to be a perfect song for each season, and the song almost announces the coming change in energy/vibe/climate/etc. Well, I was just smacked in the face with the reminder that summer is all but here thanks to the sounds of Checo’s new single “Superpowers.”

The melodies, the horns in the chorus, it all sounds and feels like long summer nights and that feeling of freedom that those months bring. Checo sings “This is your love song baby, I hope you know the words” and it feels like those younger days when you spent the summer chasing after your crush – and it was the only thing you “had” to do. No job, no bills, no major responsibilities. You just really had to make sure you kissed this girl by August or else the whole summer was gonna be in ruins.

This song has a great blend of modern electronic production mixed with a live band/live instrumentation feel. The snares reverberate through the track and has the feel of hearing live drums during the day outside at a festival. More of that sunshiny, summery feel. It’s smooth, satisfying and thoroughly relatable. Cheers to the summer months, coming in hot!

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