Truitt & Light House – Tokyo

With attention spans for digesting music shorter than ever, artists have been forced to diversify their sounds at risk of spreading their sonic palate too thin. As a direct result, I’ve found myself saving hoards of songs for a brilliant 30-second run surrounded by less impressive content that unfortunately feels forced. There’s of course still tunes that outright stun, though, and this new one from Truitt & Light House is one of them. “Tokyo” incorporates melodic, synth-pop sourced vocals with a delectable electronic hook whose stabby synths flow seamlessly from one verse to the next. The highlight of the track is undoubtedly the second run of the hook as Brigetta’s vocals soar atop the beat while it suddenly transitions into pure house percussion, yet unlike so many songs I’ve come across, this one is supported by a fantastic structure from start to finish.

Since I’m an unabashed fan of album artwork, can we also take a moment to talk about how perfect the visual for “Tokyo” is? Between the romantic red tones, mysterious blue that makes up the skyline, and inspiring light green of the night sky, it sets a mood before one even presses play on the track. It devises a world that I want to slip into and explore while soundtracked by Truitt’s wondrous, starry-eyed music.

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