Axel Mansoor – Wasted My Love (Remix Pack)

“I guess it’s time to move on the next best thing.” I’m not sure if Axel Mansoor was talking about releasing a remix pack once we decided we wanted to hear more of “Wasted My Love”, but it worked out quite nicely. Sleeping Lion and Dulsae’s flips of the track do Mansoor’s infectious vocal performance justice while channeling it into two sides of the melodic bass spectrum – that’s what I’d call the next best thing from the original. Sleeping Lion’s remix takes a smooth, downtempo approach that accentuates the melancholy of the original while simultaneously fusing it with subtly fluttering synths. On the flip side, Dulsae accelerates “Wasted My Love” into a colorful frenzy that makes Mansoor’s lyrics feel…dare I say triumphant?

I don’t think it’s a stretch – admitting a personal struggle of intense emotions on a song being distributed to hundreds of thousands of ears is a triumph in its own right, so Dulsae’s remix takes that bravery to celebratory heights. And from a personal perspective, the expression of emotions is something that should be celebrated, whether it’s in the macro like a song or in the micro like a conversation between friends. Just last night, I shared about a simultaneous feeling of anger and sadness – not only did my friend listen while I talked through the situation, but they were outright congratulatory because I opened up and vocally wrestled with a complex set of feelings. Macro, micro, somewhere in between, let’s celebrate it all!

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