Micky Blue – Good Love

Micky Blue’s “Good Love” is a track that’s all about shedding negativity from a fucked up situation and emerging with a smile on your face. It’s easier said than done, but carrying resentments does our bodies and minds no good. There’s only so much mental baggage that can sit in our conscious and unconscious minds before it saps the finite amount of energy we carry until we’re sluggish and paralyzed with anxiety and depressive periods. One way to approach shedding that baggage is to view all situations without a positive or negative lens – rather than being good or bad, they just simply are. You can truly grow from examining a harmful situation in your past when you set aside internal biases and devise a strategy for the future.

Of course this leads to a freeing experience that feels good, and there’s nothing wrong with that. “Good Love” is a perfect example of the triumph you’ll feel once you step away from the past and toward the future, especially when the past wrongs were courtesy of a romantic interest…and while you might not have Micky Blue’s stunning, melodic vocals and ear for a massive hook, you’ll feel just as good! Now get out there, get to examining your life with an objective eye, and let “Good Love” be your soundtrack!

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