Super Duper – Never Gets Old (Feat. Remmi)

A lot of things get old throughout life, but if you direct your energy toward things you genuinely love then it’s much less likely to happen on drastic scales. You can’t just throw all of your energy into your passion without taking care of the base levels of your life, though. It’s great to be truly invested in something, but it’s not healthy to obsess over it until you’re burnt out and wondering how to even begin to recapture the spark that you had in the first place. There’s many ways to go about grounding yourself, but I’ve found a mixture of meditation to calm my thoughts, exercise to energize my body, and journaling to latch myself into the present moment gives me the groundwork I need to go out and chase my dreams.

It might sound less exciting than just going all out 24/7, but in the end it makes everything so much more sustainable and rewarding, much like this joint from Super Duper! Whether it’s the quirky piano to kick the track off or REMMI’s gorgeous pop vocals twirling along, you can hear the happiness flowing through Super Duper’s production and REMMI’s performance…it’s the kind of happiness that can’t be conjured by snapping your fingers, and it’s a happiness that’s evenly spread throughout the song rather than having huge pop hooks and throwaway verses in between. Most importantly, “Never Gets Old” is a song that I can’t get enough of!

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