Hitimpulse – Cover Girls (ft. Bibi Bourelly)

Excuse the hyperbole, but Hitimpulse’s newest just might be one of my favorite pop tracks of 2017. Assisted by a rising star in Bibi Bourelly, “Cover Girls” is a fine-tuned track that avoids the pitfalls of overdoing its electronic influences (see: almost every future-bass pop track this year) and instead gradually builds out from a chilling buzz with distant echoes into cyclical, synth-infused swagger. Continuing to prove itself a foil to most pop tunes, it drops out into a minimalist bridge that finds Bourelly’s gorgeous vocal musings of “Boys only love cover girls though, don’t they?” amidst distance echoes that eventually give way to a stunning chorus.

Led by a battlecry of a lead synth and a low-end taking influence from modern hip-hop, Bourelly outright flourishes atop an instrumental that’s undoubtedly the most fitting production for her vocals to date. As for Hitimpulse, they continue to display their knack for pop creations by ensuring the hook doesn’t overstay its welcome. In the duration of one song, I’m convinced that they could be the next big production force in pop and electronic music. Did I mention “Cover Girls” comes equipped with a surreal music video that takes its sound to the next level? Peep that below.