Music Writing

CHEF BAER – Summertime (feat. TeaMarrr)

It’s official. Summer has ended and I couldn’t be more pleased.  I love Fall and the vibe of this soulful track brings me there with the leaves slowly falling off the trees and the winds picking up giving me that cool air that I have been craving oh so much.  I haven’t been posting as much lately, been leaving the responsibilities up to our other wonderful writers.  Reason being that I am currently writing a book that is due on January 1st and trying not to break my focus but alas I have some writers block and need to turn my attention somewhere else for the moment so that I can get out of my head and take a little vacation to write about music.  I feel like this Summer has been about a lot of electro pop, dance tracks.  I needed something a little more relaxed, with some deep meaning.  The lyrics are the female version of so many men I know, hard to trust, always scheming, totally full of themselves.  Maybe it’s the world right now and everything we are influenced by that is taking away the ability to be honest and real, thank goodness I haven’t lost my realness through all the “plastic” changes, you know what I mean.

I hope everyone is enjoying the change is seasons as much as I am and the chill vibe of this track to balance the mood. Shout out to our readers for staying as loyal as you always have. Happy Fall!