.dxf – Keygen

Technology is a fascinating thing. We’ve transcended humanity’s physical limitations and tapped into an infinite resource that aids us in a variety of ways, the most exciting being advances in trading of information and creating art in my humble opinion. The fact that bits and pieces of humanity’s all-encompassing knowledge can be traded amongst one another in realtime is a powerful next step in our evolution. It’s also fascinating to me that we’ve been able to advance our modes of expression – the 20th century creation of electric guitars is one thing, but a creation like autotune that extends the possibilities of the human voice is outright revolutionary.

.dxf is a meta exploration of these modern notions as they examine the very advancements that have made their music possible. A French trio tapping into the introspectiveness of folk, the percussion of hip-hop and electronic music, the utilization of autotune – it’s a concoction that’s equal parts intelligent and emotional as they inject pathos into P2P and virtual reality. Combined with their forward-thinking visuals, the trio’s debut EP is like putting on a set of virtual reality goggles and being engrossed in a world that exists somewhere between the present and future.

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