Julien Mier – New Eyes

There’s so much to love about Julien Mier’s new single. The down-pitched prelude has a codeine-soaked, college radio station charm. As for “New Eyes” in its entirety, calling it charming would be a serious understatement – it’s an intricately woven cut that exudes childlike wonderment, where every high-pitched synth feels like an individual twinkle in a starry eyed gaze. Its “drop” is an outright revelation as stretchy synthesizers and record scratches are warped into a head-nodder of a flow.

Songs usually trigger memories about various points in my life, but this one transports me to another world that I’ve never previously explored. It’s a soundtrack to lush, rolling hills where flora and fauna are abound. It’s a soundtrack to achieving natural bliss. It’s a soundtrack that I want to revisit again and again for the music and the daydreams alike. There’s no doubt I’ll keep coming back.

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