Moglebaum – Slow Love

Much like the flora from its album artwork, Moglebaum’s organic electronic approach continues to flourish on their new single. It’s an aptly titled track called “Slow Love” that’s a lush blend of slow-jam synths and sultry vocals…fuck I’m using a lot of adjectives in a two sentence stretch, but there’s so many elements to appreciate here. For a relatively new act, Moglebaum has a sound that’s wholly their own – I listen to hundreds of new tracks a week, yet I can’t pinpoint anyone else that’s executing this style to such great heights.

As someone totally immersed in music day in and day out, it’s easy to lose the thrill of discovering new acts that I had before working in the music industry. I’m a product of the streaming era and a member of the music industry, so it’s all too easy to accumulate hundreds of songs in a playlist that I enjoy without ever digging into the catalogs of each individual artist (or even remember that I added them to said playlist to begin with). That being said, there’s still releases out there that keep me actively returning to listen repeatedly, a ~prestigious honor~ that both of Moglebaum’s 2017 singles have warranted.

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