Cape Lion – Week One

There’s no correct timeframe for making music. Some of the best songs are recorded in mere minutes (see: Young Thug’s “Danny Glover” which took 8 minutes to be exact) while other efforts are in development for years (see: Chromatics’ recorded, then totally scrapped, then re-recorded Dear Tommy that I’m still anxiously awaiting). There’s something particularly fascinating about writing a wholly finished product at a sprint’s pace, so it makes sense that I’m enamored by Cape Lion’s Week One EP. Recorded between February 5th and 12th (literally last week!), it’s an album so nuanced that I would’ve totally believed it to be a long-awaited passion project.

Let me reiterate that nothing on Week One feels rushed. It’s such an effortlessly cool collection of songs that hits all the right sonic pockets. Where “Call Of The Void” circulates through a winding house groove with ease, “Be So Bad” taps into euphoric vocal effects for pure ’80s, outrun inspired bliss. The album is bookended by a driving, slightly hip-hop influenced beat on “Moped” and a grandiose, horn-draped display on “The Open” – in other words, there’s no rehashing of ideas. Cape Lion has delivered four unique tracks that’ll all have a place in my regular 2018 rotation.

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