Restless Modern – To Come Undone

I’ve been following Restless Modern’s releases closely over the past few months, so it’s exciting to see his work culminate in the release of a debut EP. Led by two singles that existed on polar ends of the indie-electro spectrum in “Chasing” and “Haunted”, he fleshes out that diversity in sounds even further. There’s gorgeous, introspective meditations (“Underwater” and “She Needed Love”), anthemic cuts buzzing with energy (“Just Breathe” and “I’m Okay”), and tracks that sit somewhere in between. My personal favorite out of the bunch is “I’m Okay”, a selection that extends Restless Modern’s indie-electro groundwork into pure electronic bliss, but there’s a genuine argument for each song’s leader-of-the-pack status. He genuinely proves himself to be a jack of all trades across the record’s seven songs.

Thinking about the EP’s title, what does it mean to come undone? It used to mean falling apart at the seams and seeping into a pit of despair for weeks and months at a time; once the depression kicked in, there was no stopping its ever-expanding toll. These days, coming undone is a bit different – it occurs for hours or a couple days at most, but I’m now able to contend with it head on. I allow myself to feel the emotions as long as I need to, evaluate the root cause of the issue, and use my resources (whether it’s a mantra, meditation, or reaching out to a friend) to treat the source. I’m not even close to perfecting this system yet, but the improvements are there and for that I’m grateful.

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