KHAI – For You

I often use music to soothe the soul every Monday as I ease into the week; it squashes any anxieties I may have about the days ahead and grants a base level of positivity for me to build upon. KHAI’s “For You” is a wonderful addition to that soundtrack as the single is a slice of sultry, atmospheric bliss that puts me in zone difficult to describe. I’ve spun it on repeat since it entered my inbox this morning and it makes everything around me seem in place, and in turn, puts me at peace.

The view overlooking the hills here in Los Angeles is gorgeous with the overcast skies draped atop them like a blanket. The palm trees are bent at perfect angles aside the roadways where cars move in tune. KHAI’s vocals bring forth much of these observations in particular. His harmonies are mesmerizing as they build upon one another toward the skies, all the while a hazy instrumental atmosphere unfolds below. It’s impossible to keep “For You” on as background noise as it utterly envelops the senses…I might need to turn it off if I’m going to get any work done today.

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