HOANG – Don’t Say (ft. Nevve)

Nevve is an absolute favorite of mine – the project has been the key element to so many of my favorite songs since its stunning female vocals emerged onto the scene a couple years ago. Thus, I couldn’t think of a more perfect voice to be a part of brand new producer HOANG’s debut single. It’s called “Don’t Say” and it finds the versatile electronic talent laying out a bed of ethereal sounds that hit all the right sonic pockets for maximum impact. It’s sugary sweet goodness that you can’t help but keep coming back to again and again.

There’s also a nostalgic element to the track that makes you feel like you’ve been here before as it teases out a range of emotions from past and present. Much like the picture for the single cover, it’s like a warm summer day that overwhelms the senses and leaves you in a wholly content daze. Days of youth spent wandering around in nature with an eager sense of discovery intersect with a current sense that there’s still more out there to experience. Embrace the inspiring feeling “Don’t Say” offers and go forth!

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