Carter Reeves – Bittersweet

Carter Reeves is one of my favorite bubbling voices in pop right now. I was a massive fan of “Fly High” and “Pay Day” because they showed his versatility, but “Bittersweet” takes his sound to a whole other level that’s straight up ear candy. His melodies are so damn infectious (seriously, good luck keeping that hook out of your head), his voice on the verses sounds more assured than ever, and his lyrics show a knack for relatable storytelling that really elevates his game. It’s such a treat to be immediately ecstatic about a song and “Bittersweet” does just that. On top of all that, the production is without a doubt the best he’s worked with yet and really lays out a beautiful array of sounds for Reeves to work his increasingly established magic. I really can’t give enough praise here.

Life is full of bittersweet moments and to have the fullest experience on this earth you’re best off by embracing each and every one. There’s beauty in the grey areas that show how our lives ebb and flow through the universe’s constantly shifting existence. Going through a break up? You can feel sadness while also appreciating the wealth of good times you had. Going through a generally rough patch? Think of all the things you can be grateful for, whether they’re emotional or material. Consider that while you listen to “Bittersweet” on repeat!

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