Sharky – Bold As Brass

As soon as this track came across my metaphorical desk, I was enamored and immediately knew I had to write about it. I’d never heard of Sharky before, but I’m so deeply impacted by this powerful new voice in pop music that I need everyone to know about as soon as possible. Her new single “Bold As Brass” is an insanely immaculate, ultra nuanced piece of art that feels so layered that you could dig into it for weeks, months, years, and still find something new every time. It feels more like a short film than a song with the amount of details strung throughout. The percussion feels like it’s straight out of a smokey 1950s jazz club and provides a beautiful undercurrent for her quirky vocals that have an otherworldly quality to them as she stretches out notes into sonically pleasing bliss.

In a world drowning with lookalike playlist oriented music, true pieces of art still stand tall and make a statement. “Bold As Brass” brings the full package, not just sonically but even with its eye popping artwork. Those layers of eyes staring back at you in the midst of saturated reds and teals feels like pop art hypnosis. Much like the music, I wouldn’t be surprised to find this in a modern record store’s rack or a mid 20th century crate. Sharky’s sound and her aesthetics have me smitten so please join me without further ado, press play below, and prepare for hours of repeating again, again, and again. It’s a ride you don’t want to miss.

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