Snugs – Never Needed You (feat. Keiynan Lonsdale)

If you didn’t gather from the stunning album artwork, Snugs specializes in electronic music that channels pure, childlike wonderment. The cartoonish duo’s newest, “Never Needed You”, reaches utterly blissful heights as a comfortable groove transitions into swelling synths worthy of a festival main stage. They masterfully walk the line between subtle, personal qualities and transcendent vibes; much like their amorphous character, Snugs are able to comfortably strike a diverse amount of poses. Their masterful production is aided by the soarings vocals of Keiynan Lonsdale, a multifaceted artist whose impassioned performance is at times chills inducing.

I’ve been living out “Never Needed You” recently. In pursuit of others’ validation to a crippling extent, I’ve had to take a step back and engage in self love that doesn’t come naturally to me. It’s a process, but as a close friend put it, I need to find an endless, internal source of affection that will stand by me regardless of external circumstances. My response to that was shutting down and oversleeping for a few days in a row because I preferred to go unconscious for a bit rather than exert the energy it takes to find that internal source of affection, but I’ve finally begun the pursuit. I don’t need anyone except myself.

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