Twin Caverns – Regret

I feel like a broken record when it comes to getting excited about hearing a new band for the first time but let’s be real that feeling never goes away. It’s childlike excitement, like opening up a present on Christmas morning and being greeted by something totally unexpected yet amazing. I get that feeling from this new Twin Caverns single called “Regret”. It gives me serious Twin Peaks vibes – I could see this being performed on The Roadhouse stage along with bands like Au Revoir Simone and Chromatics while the small town’s crowd nods along in unison. The echoing guitars set the mood while a woodwind instrument drives home an otherworldly vibe, somewhere between our plane of existence and a state of consciousness that transcends imagination. The vocals feel like the connection between those two states and are impossible to not get totally lost within as Twin Caverns’ frontwoman is pitch perfect, stretching each note to its maximum potential.

Let’s talk about regret. It’s a natural process, to replay moments in our head over and over again, wondering what could have been. If we want to reach our highest potential and become our best self, we have to work on leaving that state of tripping over the past behind. Every action leads to where you are in this very moment and this moment is all we have. Learn to appreciate the moments that left you with regret – they shaped you into who you are, the good and the bad. We’re imperfect beings and our positive attributes along with what some would call flaws make us human, beings blessed with consciousness in a vast universe.

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