KREAM – Decisions (feat. Maia Wright)

KREAM’s newest goes deep down low with a bass-driven house groove that’s up there with the best of them for 2018. Good luck not wanting to move with this one as the groove hits, the low-end driving with gravitational force while the hi-hats conjure up immediate images of serious hand-bobbing on the dance floor. Maia Wright’s vocals are icing on the cake as she delivers fittingly smooth, soulful vocals with the perfect amount of dramatics for a massive song that simply can’t be contained by a set of headphones or small speakers.

“Decisions” reminds me of one of the most fun hours I had in my life. On my birthday in 2017, I started the night at Emo Night which felt like a no brainer. I was a scene kid who spent years listening to all the quintessential Warped Tour bands, so reliving those songs was appealing. Once I got there, I was immediately uncomfortable and off-put by a vibe that I couldn’t quite place. I knew myself well enough to make moves while the night was young, though, and quickly headed to an electronic club to see if I could recover the birthday spirit. Low and behold, I stumbled into a tech-house night that had my awkward, tall-and-lanky self dancing without a shred of restraint. I look back on that moment fondly and will continue to do so as life moves up and onward.

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