mona on the radio – Namaste

I wrote about mona on the radio’s “Dinner For 2” a couple months ago and was anxiously waiting to hear about his next release. It seems it was worth the wait because “Namaste” just might be the rising artist’s best song yet. The production is airy and carefree; it feels straight out of a Nintendo video game or like the board game Candy Land came to life. mona provides the perfect vocals as he sounds at his most comfortable, turning hints of rap into pure pop goodness. There’s so much charisma to latch onto as a listener, not only through his amazing cadence, but his lyrics too. All of the bars about finding your dream job and a girl that you love are so inspiring and give you the sensation of feeling lifted up in real time. He’s proving himself to be the full package, a new layer of his personality and persona coming up with each and every release.

I’m so into the idea of following your dreams. Fuck getting stuck in the capitalist cycle of slaving away just to make ends meet and spending your Monday through Friday being absolutely miserable. Maybe it’s a position of privilege as someone who’s been blessed to do what they love for years and years, but do everything you can to break out of society’s drab mold and use these limited years on Earth to the best way possible. You want to be a chef? Take a cooking class! You love juggling? Go join a local circus club! You can’t take your mind off of traveling from city to city and picking up random, exciting jobs just to pay for your next plane ticket so that you can see the world? Drop everything and do it! On our beautiful blip of planet situated in a solar system, situated in a galaxy, situated in an infinitely expanding universe, the possibilities are virtually endless. Here’s to hoping you take the plunge if you haven’t already.

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