Tommy Newport – Mr. Angel

Tommy Newport comes through with the perfect vibes for a Friday morning. Kicked off with keys that make you want to hop out of bed and start the day with a smile, the progressive introduction of orchestral strings feels like an extra initiator of the good vibes contained within your heart and soul that are prepared to flow out when the time is right. Newport’s vocals are the perfect complement to the uplifting instrumental vibes as he sounds effortlessly cool and carefree; there’s an audible pep in his step that you can’t help but pleasantly nod along to without reprieve. The song’s chorus is a wonderful culmination that feels like one of those inescapable moments that would make the world a better place if it was always spinning along in the background.

I’ve learned that it’s cool to be into dark imagery while maintaining a happy lifestyle – enjoy it but don’t let it consume you, you know? I might be covered with bleak tattoos (my guillotine is my personal favorite) and I might love blackened death metal (the new Behemoth album absolutely rips), but I’ll be damned if I don’t love a song that sends butterflies to my stomach and hits me in the heart. I start my days off with uplifting music like Tycho or Helios and carry through the work day with something like Hazel English or Beach House to keep things moving. I have candles lit all over my apartment, the sun shining through my window, and a busy day ahead of me, all with a smile on my face. Things are well and I hope the same for anyone out there reading along.

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