Godwin – i know

There’s certain music like Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Yndi Halda and 65daysofstatic that puts me in a totally different headspace. I can feel myself transcending my senses, transcending the human body, and assimilating into the sounds for a visceral feeling where all the dimensions blend into one another. It’s a serene state of mind and one that I frequently try to enter, whether it’s putting on post-rock and watching the sun rise or putting on ambient music and slipping into a state between waking and rest. I get that same full-body feeling from Godwin’s “i know” which is an insanely beautiful song from a new artist I wasn’t familiar with until now. It’s not just a song, it’s an experience that you can feel as chills rush throughout your body like they’re intertwining with the music. Simply put it’s melodic music at its finest.

I spend a lot of time staring at the sky and thinking about the relationship between love and the cosmos. They feel intrinsic to each other – what’s the universe without love and what’s endless love without a never-ending universe to move along with it? I think there’s a reason one of the most romantic activities is to lay down in the middle of nature, holding hands, and staring up at the stars. I think there’s a reason people refer to their partners as their sun and their moon. It’s hard to explain and quantify but I think love is essential to existence here on Earth and far, far beyond.

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