Greatness of Saturn – Greatness of Saturn EP

A good friend of mine turned me onto something called the Saturn Theory which asserts that Saturn used to be a central part of our sky, much like the sun and moon today. It’s a fascinating take to totally reimagine the cosmos and I thus spent hours reading into the great gas giant’s relevance to Earth. I’m really excited to have discovered Greatness of Saturn as the producer channels the importance of said gas giant into a forward-thinking electronic sound fitting for one of the wonders of our vast solar system. His EP reminds of me a greats like Nero and current favorites like No Mana as the production throughout is crisp, edgy, and interstellar. My personal favorite on the album is without a doubt “777” as it delivers an absolutely massive atmosphere that’s impossible to not get totally lost within.

I’ve been reading Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot and it’s really helped contextualize my place within the universe. It’s so fascinating that all of human history has occurred on a planet that’s irrelevant to an infinitely expanding space. That could make someone feel small, but for me, it spurs a sense of wonderment as we’ve been given the gift of existence at this very moment amidst a vast and beautiful arena. It gives me chills just looking at the sun and moon these days as these behemoths in our sky confirm that our cosmic body is not alone. I look forward to continually appreciating the unique roles throughout our solar system and beyond.

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