Gill Chang & Stonefox – Vibrations

Talk about a beautiful way to start this sunny Tuesday morning. I’ve never been super up to date on Gill Chang or Stonefox but this single has made sure that I’ll be looking out for everything they release from here on out. It’s the perfect mix of really pretty indie-pop and bouncy modern electronic sounds. This is one of those songs that blends multiple genres together until you can’t tell where one ends and the other begins. I just want to get lost within that colorful mixture and let all the sounds soak my senses. I’ll have to make time for that soon and allow myself some much-needed time outside and assimilating into the natural world.

Feeling vibrations is so essential. We all give off frequencies that can be felt between one person and another. If you’re emitting positive frequencies, then you’re going to attract positive relationships and events as the universe reciprocates the good you’ve bestowed others with. If you’re emitting negative frequencies, then you’re going to receive negative results, whether it’s not achieving goals or allowing toxic people into your life. Whether it’s through meditation or prayer or mantras or anything of the sort, make sure to center yourself with positive frequencies and vibrations so that you can rightfully receive good things to come your way.

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