Anna Dadnia – Take What You Want

Anna Dadnia comes through with an insanely confident new single called “Take What You Want” that flaunts serious pop and r&b swagger. She glides on the beat so smoothly and hits all the right pockets with precision. Her vocals are really refreshing and are perfect for the moody trap instrumental. That all goes hand in hand with an amazingly curated art direction that channels the single’s vibes into visual form and drives home Dadnia’s approach. Good luck not bumping this one on your speakers on repeat (which is definitely what I’ve been doing all morning without fail).

“Take What You Want” is also the perfect vehicle to detail a gloomy relationship that’s crumbled and putting the pieces as a solo individual back together. You spend so much time investing into another individual that it’s a process to get back on your feet again after feeling like that other person has drained you of your emotional resources. There’s a certain point where you just let them take what they want because you’re spent and just want out regardless of the end result. It’s notion a situation I’ve experienced in a very long time, but it’s helpful that Dadnia lays out all the particulars of this experience to bare so that listeners can relate.

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