Half An Orange – Buzz Lightyear

This is the first time I’ve been tipped off about Half An Orange and I couldn’t be happier. “Buzz Lightyear” is such a sweet single to get totally lost within. It’s like looking up into the night sky and wondering what’s out there while thinking about all the emotions that are contained within. The production on this song is so atmospheric and uplifting while the vocals range from relatable to otherworldly. It’s like The Postal Service’s vocals on top of modern electro-pop which is a combination that I’m very happy to put on repeat.

There’s something intangible about nostalgia that inspires feelings of serious longing. You can’t help but want to go back, but do you want to totally relive those memories? Or do you want to float through as an observer and watch them with a detached perspective. Neither is possible based on our current understandings of time and space, but it’s nice to imagine a trip to the past. I’ve been particularly nostalgic about college for some reason lately – not the whole college experience, but the classes I took. I wish I had paid attention more while at a university, but I’m at least able to educate myself with books and movies in the present. Not everything has to be a relic of the past. Let’s look toward the future.

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