Golden Vessel – MOONSTONE (feat. Elkkle & Akurei)

Golden Vessel has been on my radar for a minute now and he continues to deliver with transcendent results. His newest, “MOONSTONE”, is a subtle indie-electronic outing that’s deceptively dynamic as it ebbs and flows in new directions that extend from its vibey center. The production has a nostalgic aura to it that’s hard to place but feels comforting and at home while the array of vocals alternate through various modes of mood, providing a constantly engaging lead that never overstays its welcome. This is pure mastery of a thorough, established sound unique to Golden Vessel that signifies an artist confident in their craft.

This is going to sound a bit wild, but the title of this song reminds me of a recurring nightmare I’ve had. Looking up in the sky, the moon slowly comes closer to Earth before losing all gravitational distance and crashing down into our planet like a fiery comet. It’s pure apocalyptic fright that’s woken me up shaken multiple times, but in my waking moments, it’s given me a lot of respect for the celestial being in our sky that respectfully orbits us, never defying the laws of physics and providing a constant source of love. I now understand why so many civilizations have worshipped the moon and continue to appreciate its existence.

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