Tibasko – Bodhi

I love electronic music that crafts an atmosphere to get totally lost within. There’s nothing to think about or intellectualize, just music to feel, every synth hitting like an aural massage and the fusion of the bass line and clicking percussion performing on-the-go hypnosis. Throughout Tibasko’s “Bodhi”, I’ve totally lost track of time much like I do during my form of meditation, where the present moment is the only thing considered and past or future become irrelevant. As I write this, it’s already been four minutes of the song’s runtime and I’m not sure whether this passage felt like a marathon or a sprint. Regardless, it’s a stretch that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each time I’ve put “Bodhi” on the past few days.

The meditative state this song puts me into reminds me of how valuable my meditation practice is. 40 minutes a day of diving deep into the mind gives me a sense of peace and patience that I never had before the past four months. Even when I’m not in the midst of meditation, I can close my eyes and access a profound calmness that makes every space and situation in life manageable. It’s an ongoing experience that makes me wonder why we as a society don’t emphasize meditation more often because the benefits are endless. I think in a capitalist society we’re so driven by the pursuit of future rewards that we don’t stop to recognize the beauty of the present, but that’s just me. Maybe music like “Bodhi” will lead people toward a spiritual path as they feel the power of meditative music.

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