JANEE – Cinderella (feat. Idyl)

“Cinderella” is, simply put, pop goodness at its absolute finest. There’s so many infectious intricacies that all wax and wane together like a symphony which is a fitting form for a genre that has been coined as “orchestrap”. JANEE has a style of production that stretches to the very ends of each pleasure center in your brain and body, sending rushes throughout that would make your body light up on an x-ray. Idyl’s vocals are a magnificent complement that vocalize all of the emotions through lyrics and intonation alike. The chemistry between these two artists has enough friction to light fireworks and it’s become impossible for me to stop hitting repeat.

I don’t wanna leave the thrill of positive emotions. I know it’s spiritually preached to maintain a neutral center where anything, positive or negative, can be approached in equal forms, but human emotions have taken hold. I crave a constant source of validation from others. I need everyone’s feelings to be known. I want to control situations in front of me and dictate them from start to finish like a puppeteer. What I need to do is dive deeper into my meditation and spiritual relationship with the universe, but human intuition will occasionally rear its head and I’ll contend with it until it subsides.

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