Loveday x PYNGU – Breathless (Like This)

We’re halfway through the week and PYNGU’s first single is prepared to rocket us toward the weekend. It’s a beautiful collaboration with a rising vocalist named Loveday who has an effortlessly amazing voice that gives the song genuine dramatic flair. That feeling is accelerated by PYNGU’s driving production which subtly flows under Loveday’s vocals before giving way to a hook with an insane bass line that reminds me of Nero’s peak early 2010s work. PYNGU and Loveday’s performances weave through one another into a stunning final product that’s been stuck in my head for days and looks to continue as the week marches along.

What leaves you breathless? Moments like walking through Times Square in a blizzard and seeing all the lights reflect off the snow was a defining moment of my teenage years. These days, more subtle occurrences like laying in the dark and staring at the stars or seeing the moon at its closest to Earth gives me chills. I had a moment while meditating recently that I won’t describe in detail because it’s difficult to explain, but being in direct contact with the universe during that stretch of 20 minutes left me in awe. It’s the little things that affirm our place in the grand scheme of life as we know it that make me stop and appreciate the present.

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