Noé – Puzzles

I wrote up Noé’s “Pity Party” last month – a killer song to be sure – but I find myself gravitating even further toward “Puzzles”. It’s a kaleidoscopic indie-pop cut that is dripping with colorful sounds. The production is draped with clattering percussion, ancillary harmonizing vocals, and a delicious groove that sways back and forth with an irresistible swing. To top it all off, Noé’s vocals absolutely stun as she sings with an unmistakable gravitas that makes each and every word hang in the air with purpose before it slips away into the pink-hued ether. “Puzzles” sets the bar extremely high for music I’ll be writing about in 2019.

Life is one giant puzzle and I feel like I’ve finally figured out how all the pieces fit together. My relationships with friends and family and work are at their most fulfilling because I’m the most connected to the spirit world I’ve ever been which is the result of the pursuit of everlasting reliability that gets me through the good moments and bad. I’m in a spiritual center where all parts of my life have slowly but surely clicked into place and everything seems to make sense now. There’s a rhyme and a reason to this existence that I was baffled by for years, but I feel like I’ve taken a step toward a personal understanding that fulfills my life daily.

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