Noé – La Fève

French indie-pop is like no other niche genre. There’s an inherent grace to the enunciation of every syllable, an overarching sense of cool sensibilities, and that couldn’t be more apparent on Noé’s newest. It’s an utterly beautiful piece of introspective indie-pop perfection that sonically looks inward for inspiration and feels like an entry in a journal came to life with stunning vocals and subtle, moving instrumentation that feels like a drifting fairy tale where everything is going to be okay. I find myself lost within this track and could wander here for days at a time and feel at peace. It’s no hyperbole to stay this is one of my favorite songs of 2019.

This single inspires the feeling that The Juniper Tree gave me during its hour runtime. For those unaware, the film was Björk’s acting debut and it’s an absolutely magical black-and-white exercise in a surreal dreamscape that left me feeling fulfilled with peace upon its conclusion. It’s not often that a film immediately inspires me to go see it again (the only other recent comparison would be 2018’s Suspiria) but the visceral sensations I felt were like no other. That same feeling resonates from “La Fève”, and thus, I plan to spend as long as I can within the world Noé has masterfully woven.

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