Ashe – Bachelorette

Ashe is a bonafide all star of indie-pop with momentum that’s been growing for years and seems to be cascading into even more exciting territory. She dropped a killer single called “Moral Of The Story” that dropped earlier this year and it was a beautiful treatise in how to touch on melancholic topics while sounding totally engaging. The last one had a Billie Eilish cosign (aka one of the biggest cosigns an artist could possibly get in 2019) and yet she sounds even better on “Bachelorette”. It’s an indescribably gorgeous single that has all the makings of a song that’s going to connect with listeners on a deep level because it’s a visceral experience that runs chills through every fiber of your body. Talk about getting me excited for her album dropping this Friday.

Love is a weird thing. Scientifically it’s chemicals in your brain being released, but I think there’s a lot more to it than that. There’s vibrations that are exchanged between people on a fundamental level (see: communities that meditate together with drastically lower crime rates) and so it’s only natural that the principle applies to love. There’s a shared energy between partners stronger than any physical bond, but Ashe’s story proves that those bonds are still prone to break. That’s okay, though, because the potential energy people have to share with another human doesn’t disappear – energy is a finite resource and this it returns the body, waiting to be bestowed upon the next grateful recipient.

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