Lo Lytes – Take The Whole Bottle

Lo Lytes dropped a quality track called “Winter” earlier this year, but “Take The Whole Bottle” is a next level release that really feels like a collision of pop and r&b at its absolute finest. The intonations of his vocals and the moody pop instrumentals immediately conjure up images of The Weeknd – a lofty comparison, I know, but it’s just that good. Not only is the music amazing on its own right, but he totally nails the mood and energy of a relationship collapsing around you – it’s an inherently dramatic scenario deserving of an equally dramatic song and Lo Lytes delivers and then some.

Even if it’s not facing a bottle, we all have some form of escape. It can be exercise, it can be food, it can be television, the list goes on and on. We’re conscious beings that sometimes suffer the consequences of self reflection and need to run from that blessing and curse. It’s a learned practice to use healthy methods of escape like meditation that actually treat the root cause rather than glossing over it and storing it away while it sits and grows until eventually resurfacing at a later date. We only have limited time in our physical incarnations so we deserve to treat ourselves right and maximize a grounded, rewarding existence.

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